New bottle shop opens in Anchored Ship on Ballard Ave

The Anchored Ship Cafe on Ballard Ave has expanded to include a bottle shop selling natural wines.

After nine years of running Anchored Ship, owner Sheila Mulvihill tells My Ballard she decided to broaden her business scope to include wines, partly because of COVID-19. She’s not offering indoor seating for a while, which allowed her extra space to open the bottle shop.

Mulvihill is focusing on natural wines only, which she said are made with minimal chemical and technological intervention, both in growing the grapes and making the wine. For the rest of September, she’s featuring MeinKlang Wines from Austria, “a family-run mixed farm relying on a herd of cows which contribute to the invaluable and natural fertilizer used. It’s unfined, unfiltered, with no added sulfites,” Mulvihill says.

Starting Oct. 1, she’s starting a “Wine and Coffee at Home” special, which will include six seasonally inspired wines and two bags of Counter Culture Coffee. Contact for more details.

“Coffee and wine is what we all need during these crazy times,” Mulvihill says.

Photo: Alexa Glossen


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