Ship Canal Water Quality Project update

The Ship Canal Water Quality Project is still underway with some new updates to begin the year.

The concrete pour for the 14-foot-thick and 87-foot-wide floor in Ballard has been completed. This was the largest concrete pour of the project, check out the video of it here.

Secant pile walls in Queen Anne and Fremont have also been completed, with Wallingford next.

For the next few weeks in Ballard, expect trucks coming in and out of the site, the arrival of cranes and other heavy equipment, over-sized deliveries, and “pour days.” Pour days consist of large concrete pours on the site which means more truck deliveries and abnormal work hours.

Ballard residents should expect work hours to remain within 7 am – 5 pm Monday through Friday, with some night and weekend work throughout the project process.

In East Ballard, soil stabilization and groundwork will continue. This will cause NW 45th St to close to traffic (detour onto NW 46th St). The Burke-Gilman Trail remains detoured to the north side of NW 45th St.—bicyclists are advised to cross the train tracks at 90-degree angles and be cautious of wet ramps.

Keep in mind that 11th Ave NW, south of NW 45th, will go down to one lane usage for most of the year and two-way traffic will continue on 11th Ave NW in the southbound lane.

For more information on construction and traffic impacts in the Ballard area as well as Fremont, Wallingford, and Queen Anne, please refer to the SPU Ship Canal Water Quality Project website.

The Ship Canal Water Quality Project is being built by the Seattle Public Utilities and King County Wastewater Treatment Division. The project includes creating an underground storage tunnel that will decrease the amount of polluted rainwater and sewage that flows into the Lake Washington Ship Canal, Salmon Bay, and Lake Union from the sewer system. Find out more about the project and its purpose here.