Heavy snow destroyed Peddler Brewing’s beer garden

Last week’s big winter storms destroyed Peddler Brewing’s beer garden, forcing them to offer to-go sales only while they work on repairs.

Peddler’s massive outdoor tent structure collapsed under the heavy snow that fell over Presidents’ Day weekend. According to a post on Facebook, all the tent’s support beams gave out at once, breaking their A/V system and everything attached to it.

The brewery was closed when it happened, but the damage was extensive: Peddler tells My Ballard that the repairs will cost around $10,000 in total; their insurance will cover about half of that cost.

During the closure for repairs, Peddler is open for to-go sales only and for limited hours; Wednesday to Sunday from 3pm to 7pm. They’re hopeful to get it rebuilt this week, but the owners say it will take some time to get the new tent structure ready for customers.

“We sincerely appreciate all the supportive messages and calls for a GoFundMe. We know so many businesses and individuals are experiencing more hardship than normal and so having people simply donate money doesn’t feel right,” the owners says.

“Gift cards are an excellent option because they give us the cash now, and then when the person redeems it at a future date, we can ‘repay’ them in beer. Merchandise purchases are also great because we have already paid for that inventory. And, of course, we have cans and fill growlers with beer for people to take home and enjoy. People can stop by during our open hours, or visit our online store for merchandise and gift cards.”

Keep an eye on Peddler’s Facebook page for updates on their beer garden reopening.