Two injured in shooting on Shilshole

Sunday AM: Police say Saturday night’s shooting was sparked by a road rage incident between a vehicle and a motorcycle. “Suspect in a car shot at a motorcyclist, striking him and also an unintended subject behind him,” police said. Officers pursued the suspect and stopped the vehicle at 9th Ave. N and Harrison St.

A bystander captured video of the police ordering the suspect out the car at gunpoint, where officers made the arrest.

10:10 pm: Q13 reporter AJ Janavel says he was at Golden Gardens covering the police preparation for a TikTok “kickback” party when the shooting happened down the road at Shilshole Marina. It’s unclear if the two events were connected.

9:30 pm: Police say two people have been injured in a shooting near Shilshole Marina. One victim was transported to the hospital in stable condition, the other suffered minor injuries. No word on suspects.

Earlier: Firefighters have responded to a “scenes of violence” call at 6111 Seaview Ave. N. Several people in the My Ballard Facebook group and Twitter report hearing what sounded like gunshots in the area.

Q13’s AJ Janavel reports that Seaview is now closed as police investigate. He also reports that “police were already on scene in preparation for a social media planned party similar to a few weeks ago at West Seattle.”

A commenter in the My Ballard Facebook group also said there was a heavy police presence at Golden Gardens before the shooting. “Golden Gardens is a little crazy this evening,” she wrote. “A dozen or so police cars Including their vans are staging in the boat launch parking lot, and they’ve got the main lot closed.”

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