Summer Art Market & Sale happening this weekend in Ballard

This weekend, a local community arts space in Ballard will host the bi-annual Art Market & Sale with local artists showing and selling their goods.

The art market will happen at Building C Studios, an arts and small business space located in industrial Ballard at 4818 14th Avenue NW. Building C hosts a variety of artists who work with paint, fabric, ceramics, metal and more.

“Once a year is just not enough to share our creations with you!” the organizers wrote on their website. “We’ve got tents, we’ve got a big parking lot, we’ve got art = a perfect combination for a pop up mini art festival!” The art market will be happening on Sunday, June 27th from noon to 5 p.m. with live music from Storm Percussion and artists selling their art, home decor, and clothing.

Local painter Patti Christie will be selling her pieces at the market, and says her paintings are “simply meant to evoke a moment of repose.”

Like many artists my work is an interpretation of what I see and know. Mostly about shape and color, it is without social commentary or hidden meaning, meant to put the viewer and painter at ease. The enjoyment begins with the carpentry of building the boards, applying the ground, and visualizing what the next series may be. Drawing from recent experiences the painting begins. Color and composition are important, but allowing the painting to develop without external visual input its key, working as a child might, allowing the painting to tell me what to do. The work has evolved from landscape and still life, to today’s latest pieces that are a more abstract form. This impressionistic style retains my core belief in visual beauty. ⠀

Seattle-based artist Jessica Plesko works mainly in watercolor and acrylic on wood (below), and says she hopes her paintings “elicit the same sense of serenity and wonder I feel in wild places.”

Jeweler Kaylee Dorsey will be selling items from her line Sutton Street. “After a diverse administrative career in New York, she moved to Seattle to develop technical skills and work in jewelry manufacturing full time. Today, Kaylee operates Sutton Street in her studio creating original, hand-carved pieces and casting them in Ancient Bronze and .925 Sterling Silver,” Building C shared on Facebook.

The full line-up of artists signed up to sell at the market are below:

You can learn more about Building C Studios here, or RSVP to the market here.

Featured photo: Fiber embroidery art by Studio Tempest