Art in the Garden returning to Ballard P-Patch this summer

The 19th Annual Art in the Garden festival is happening this August at the Ballard P-Patch (8527 25th Ave NW).

The yearly festival will have an extra reason to celebrate this year, as the Ballard P-Patch has been secured for future generations thanks to donations and public funding.

The gardeners of the 44-year-old p-patch were at risk of losing their small plot when Our Redeemers announced plans to sell the site in 2019. Our Redeemers had been leasing the plot to the City of Seattle for just $1 per year, for over four decades, but announced plans to sell it so they could pay for renovations in the church.

The p-patch caretakers were busy fundraising all last year, and in December, received a large donation from Amazon to help secure the garden for years to come.

This year’s Art in the Garden will take place August 7 from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. The free event will feature artist booths, a treasure hunt for kids, ice cream, espresso, bake sale, live music, and a “wine grab” in which $15 will get you a bottle of your choice of wine. The artists will include block printers, sculpture artists, and glass artists.

Here are some of the artists that will be at the festival:

Dayne Lopez found his love for glassblowing in 1992 while working for the Glass Eye Studio in Seattle, and will be displaying his handblown and sculpted glass garden art (above).

Elizabeth Neuman began drawing on and carving wood blocks in her backyard and in local parks around Seattle (above). “It provided a peaceful interlude from the demands of teaching and reawakened my early love from block printing,” she said.

Jewelry artist Nancy Hom was inspired by her mom, Sun Lan Hom, who used to make costume jewelry during off hours to extend the family budget. Nancy later became a fashion designer and “mixed her passion for textiles, nature, and metal working into her collection.” Nancy also owns Sunlan Designs, where she sells her handmade jewelry.

Another local artist Julia Garrels will be at the festival showing her kiln-fired enamel artwork made from copper sheet metal and finely ground glass (below).

Other artists at the festival will include watercolor and acrylic artist Jessica Plesko, ceramic artist Mallori Jalaie, mixed media artist Yuko, and visual artist/designer Misha Zadeh, who puts her art on ceramics, textiles, and paper goods.

“Please join us in the celebration of our newly purchased garden!” the organizers wrote on their event flyer. To learn more about the artists, visit the Artists Page.