Ballard District Council meeting to discuss planning and community development in Ballard and Crown Hill

The next Ballard District Council meeting is happening this Wednesday, Nov. 10, and the topic will be planning and community development.

“Join us for a refresher on urban planning in Ballard and Crown Hill,” the BDC shared in the event info. “Ballard has absorbed tremendous growth in the past few decades and Crown Hill is also starting to boom. From passage of the GMA in the 1990s forward, how has Ballard’s urban village evolved and where is it heading? What’s the plan for Crown Hill’s major up-zone and how have community members contributed?”

The presenters will include two representatives from Seattle’s Office of Planning and Community Development: Strategic advisor David Goldberg and senior community planner Katy Haima. The two will discuss initiatives that relate to Ballard, including Washington’s Growth Management Act (GMA); Seattle’s Comprehensive Plan; Ballard Urban Village Design Guidelines; Seattle’s Mandatory Housing Affordability (MHA) program; and Seattle’s Housing, Affordability & Livability Agenda (HALA).

“Whether you’re a curious rookie or a civic wonk, let’s make sense together of the past and present so we can contribute to the future of Ballard and Crown Hill,” the BDC writes.

The monthly meeting starts at 7 p.m. and broadcast on Zoom and the Ballard District Council YouTube channel.

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