Ballard Student Maker Market returns to former Ballard Blossom building this weekend

The Ballard Student Maker Market, featuring UW and Green River College startup teams and several local businesses, is returning this Sunday. 

Professor Daniel Sedlacek started the market as a space for the community of Ballard to see and support Seattle-based students and the products they’re trying to create.

“Entrepreneurship is a subject I teach to try to get the younger generation interested in creating the world that they want to see through consumer products. I believe that inspired and interested humans can create new and better companies to bring better values into the world and our community,”  Sedlacek said. 

More than 10 student-run companies will attend the event selling and advertising their products ranging from magnetic earrings to a card game made to teach the basics of financial education in a fun way. 

“You don’t need to come with the intent to spend money. Just interacting with the students and letting them tell their stories to new people is the best thing you can do, giving them real feedback. And if you really like it, supporting their products,” Sedlacek said.

This year’s Maker Market will take place from 12 p.m. to 3 p.m at 1766 NW Market Street, in the old Ballard Blossom building, now called the Ballard Collective.

“I worked with the landlords to allow us to rent out the space to small businesses, and then hold events just like this one. Additionally, it’ll overlap somewhat with the Ballard Farmers Market, so it’s a great chance to come to support the farmers market and then swing by this event,” Sedlacek said.

All proceeds collected by the student during the fair go directly to the college foundations that support future students. 

Photo: Ballard Student Maker Market on Facebook