Sustainable Ballard launches Idle-Free Ballard to reduce emissions

A group of Sustainable Ballard members has started a new movement to encourage people to avoid idling in their vehicles.

The documentary “Idle Threat” inspired the concept behind Idle-Free Ballard, which advocates that drivers shut off their vehicles while waiting.

From Idle-Free Ballard:

“If you’re groaning at the spring surge of pump prices, make sure to save your money and your health by turning off your engine while waiting…whether you’re a commuter waiting at the Ballard Bridge for the sashay of spring sails, a parent waiting at Ballard High school for tomorrow’s leaders to emerge…or a truck driver waiting to unload on Ballard or Shilshole Avenue. That’s the message that Idle Free Ballard, a new initiative by members of Sustainable Ballard, would like you to hear.”

The group sent out an email to introduce the movement and said they’ll be placing informational cards at groceries including Town & Country Market. You may also see them on the Ballard Bridge holding signs to request that drivers shut off their vehicles while waiting for the bridge to open.

To learn more or join the group, contact Polly Freeman at

File photo of Ballard Bridge during a technical issue, 2019