Ballard Film Festival returns this Friday at BHS

The annual Ballard Film Festival is returning to Ballard High School this Friday, June 10.

The film festival, put together by the BHS Digital Filmmaking Program, is back after a two-year hiatus.

The film festival will include short comedies and dramas, advertisements, and documentaries—all produced by Ballard High students.

A number of the student films have recently been nominated for awards at the Northwest Regional Emmy Awards, including the following:

News Report/Light News Category: Ballard Band News Feature | Producers: Hazel Hartman ’25; Lena Cogan ’25; and Mateo Mercado ’25

Music Video Category: Oceans Away | Producers: Matthew Wilbur ’23; Siena Gorohoff ’22; and Remy Hirschfield-Rudy, ’23

Editor Category: Oceans Away | Editor: Matthew Wilbur ’23; and Afraid Of The Moon | Editors: Matthew Toups ’22; Evelyn Noble-Stewart ’22

Photography Category: Oceans Away | Cinematographers: Siena Gorohoff ’22; Matthew Wilbur, ’23; and Remy; Hirschfield-Rudy, ’23

Artwork by BHS student Rowan Brownell

Tickets for the festival are $10 for adults and $5 for students (cash only) and will be sold at the door. The film department is also selling t-shirts to help raise money for the film program for $20 (cash only). Funds raised will help provide current equipment and supplies for the film students, as well as help pay for field trip transportation and other costs.