Schmaltzy’s Deli to close July 3

The Jewish deli Schmaltzy’s Delicatessen will be closing up shop on July 3 after almost three years in Ballard.

The owners of Schmaltzy’s shared news of the upcoming closure on their website and social media, saying the pandemic fundamentally changed their ability to sustain the business.

“The economic metrics that we built our business model on no longer exist due to the pandemic and its lasting effects on our economy, costs and labor,” they wrote.

Schmaltzy’s opened in November 2019 at 928 NW Leary Way. They quickly gained a following with their homemade pastrami and corned beef and have been a staple for folks looking for classic East Coast sandwiches and bagels.

“These past 2.5 years have brought us laughter, tears, and things we couldn’t have even imagined. None of this was possible without the steadfast support, talent, and tenacity of our staff,” the owners wrote. “Most of our staff, BOH especially, has been at the deli since day one making tasty jew food dreams come true. No one could have predicted this pandemic and we are so lucky to have gone through it with an incredible staff who showed up to work ready and willing to face the next pivot, day in and day out.”

While the deli in its current form will shut down, the owners say they will be coming back after a few months with a “new Jewish concept and a different way of executing it that fits into how things are now.”

“We will miss our stellar regular customers dearly, many of whom have turned into friends. We will miss our faithful customers from the East Coast who made us smile by always telling us we were ‘doing it wrong’ and our weekend warriors who came from near and far just to try our food on their days off. We want you to know your support in any form has been amazing and it has been a pleasure to serve you and cook for you.”

Photo: Schmaltzy’s