Traffic flow changes on NW Market St near 15th Ave NW

SDOT has made some changes on NW Market St between 14th Ave NW and 15th Ave NW that’s taken some drivers by surprise.

The new traffic layout has lengthened the two left-turn lanes on westbound NW Market St just before the 15th Ave NW traffic signal. Another major change is a curb blocking left turns into Safeway from westbound Market.

The work is part of the Route 44 Transit-Plus Multimodal Corridor project, which includes a number of changes along NW Market St in Ballard.

SDOT says the changes at Market and 15th/14th will help “provide more storage for westbound left-turning vehicles and will eliminate cross-traffic turning conflicts which will allow the westbound through-lanes to operate for efficiently for buses and through traffic.”

Another significant change is the new left turn signal head for a protected left turn for southbound left-turning drivers on 14th Ave NW at Market.

For more details about the work and to sign up for a newsletter about ongoing updates, visit the Route 44 Transit-Plus Multimodal Corridor website.