After 13 years on Ballard Ave, The Noble Fir is up for sale

The owners of The Noble Fir (5316 Ballard Ave) have put the bar up for sale.

Co-owners Ellen Kelly and Rick Weersing opened The Noble Fir in 2010, merging their love of the outdoors with their desire to open a bar. Ellen left her career as a lawyer, and Rick left his job at REI. They opened the bar with no experience in the food/beverage industry. “We like to learn new things,” Ellen said.

“We’ve been the owners for 13 years, we work every shift,” Ellen told My Ballard. “We’re not getting any younger so we’re just ready to move on to the next chapter in our lives.”

Ellen said they had someone lined up to buy the bar, but the potential buyer pulled out at the last moment.

They’re open with their normal hours for now; we’ll update you if anything changes.