Wizard-themed bar and restaurant The Splintered Wand calls it quits after one year

Wizard-themed Ballard bar and restaurant The Splintered Wand has closed permanently.

Its launch was one of the most anticipated bar/restaurant openings of the last few years. My Ballard first learned of The Splintered Wand’s plans way back in August 2018 when owners Geoffrey Balch and Andrea Ravnholm took over 5135 Ballard Ave NW.

Its extensive build-out and COVID setbacks kept wizard fans waiting until mid-2021 when it finally opened to the public on a reservation-based system.

But now, just over a year after its opening, The Splintered Wand is suddenly closed.

The news came in a message to reservation holders on Wednesday:

“It is with great sadness that the Splintered Wand will be closing its doors effective immediately. All reservations now and in the future have been canceled. We are deeply sorry for those who were unable to experience the magic with us, and are grateful for the support we’ve received over the year we’ve been open. Stay magical, Ballard – we will miss you,” the message reads.

The owners also shared news of their closure on Instagram yesterday.

My Ballard has reached out to owner Balch to learn more about the closure and will update you with any new information.