One more day to take travel survey for 15th Ave NW and the Ballard Bridge paving project

There’s one more day to fill out the 15th Ave NW and the Ballard Bridge travel survey for SDOT.

The travel survey will help SDOT understand commuters’ and residents’ travel needs so they can minimize travel impacts during construction and help people find alternate travel routes. The survey closes on Jan. 13.

The paving project will encompass the Ballard Bridge in its entirety and extend north into Ballard up to NW 57th St (see map below).

15th Ave Paving Map

The project is part of the city’s Levy to Move Seattle and AAC (Arterial and Asphalt and Concrete) Paving Program, which could start as early as this summer.

SDOT says the project will take 18 months to complete.

“It will restore the street condition of a critical piece of Seattle’s transportation network and contribute to SDOT’s Levy commitment to pave up to 180 lane-miles of arterial streets by 2024,” the project details say.