District 6 loses Crown Hill, gains West Magnolia in city redistricting

District 6’s boundaries have changed in Seattle’s latest redistricting.

The City of Seattle updated the boundaries of all seven City Council Districts to give each district approximately the same number of residents and balance representation in city government, the Seattle Department of Neighborhoods says.

The northern edge of District 6 has moved southward to exclude Blue Ridge, Crown Hill, and parts of North Beach. The southern border of District 6 has expanded to include West Magnolia.

Blue Ridge and Crown Hill are now part of District 5, which expands to the northern edge of the city limits.

Current district boundaries

The current population of District 6 was 102,811, and the new population after the changes take effect will be 105,884.

The changes won’t take effect until January 2024, and don’t change who the current city councilmembers represent this year. However, candidates in the 2023 City Council elections will be running based on the new district boundaries.

To find out which district you’ll be in with the upcoming changes, visit the City’s search tool.