Stoup Brewing purchases Capitol Hill-based Optimism Brewing

The homegrown Ballard brewery Stoup Brewing has purchased Optimism Brewing.

Stoup Brewing is taking over Capitol Hill-based Optimism Brewing (1158 Broadway St) and turning it into another Stoup location. Optimism owners and husband-wife team Gay Gilmore and Troy Hakala will maintain ownership of the 16,000 sq. ft. building, but Stoup will own the assets of the taproom and brewery.

Co-owners Gilmore and Hakala founded Optimism in 2013. The couple rehabilitated a century-old warehouse and turned it into the brewing facility that opened in December 2015.

“People thought Troy and I were crazy to build such a large taproom in the middle of the city, with a focus on causes and community,” Gilmore said in a statement about the sale. “We are so proud of what we’ve accomplished with Optimism and grateful to our customers all these years. Stoup has what is required to scale the business to the next level.”

Stoup Brewing has a similar timeline, having opened in 2013 during a wave of new breweries that formed what is now known as the Ballard Brewery District. Co-owners and business partners Robyn Schumacher and married couple Lara Zahaba and Brad Benson run Stoup, which also expanded into Kenmore in May 2021.

“We are honored to be entrusted with the next chapter and are very excited to join the vibrant, inclusive Capitol Hill neighborhood,” Zahaba said, in a statement.

Stoup plans to retain as many Optimism employees as possible in the acquisition.

The handover will happen officially in August; Stoup will change the signage and make some small changes to reflect the Stoup brand. They say the food trucks and beverage offerings will remain similar, however, Stoup will make and sell its own beer at the Capitol Hill location.

Photos: Stoup Brewing