Raven Village tiny house community in Ballard gets internet access for residents

The new tiny house village in Ballard, Raven Village, is getting connected to the web.

Raven Village opened last month in Ballard at 1414 NW Leary Way and predominately serves American Indian and Alaskan Native individuals, couples, and people with pets experiencing homelessness. With 22 heated, insulated, and air-conditioned tiny houses, Raven Village can host up to 28 people.

And now, Raven Village is about to get a permanent Wi-Fi hotspot.

The Seattle Public Library and King County are donating the hotspots to tiny house villages around the region, including Raven Village.

While villages like Raven have had access to hotspots in the past, they weren’t very reliable and ran on batteries. The new hotspots will be hard-wired and support up to 20 devices at a time, KUOW reports.

Chief Seattle Club, a Native-led housing and human services agency, entered into a 10-year lease with the City of Seattle to use the Seattle City Light-owned property for the village.

Photo: Chief Seattle Club