Paid street parking added to Ballard Commons Park and 24th Ave NW

The City is in the process of adding more paid parking areas in Ballard, mostly around Ballard Commons Park.

The Seattle Department of Transportation said they are increasing the paid parking area to “help more customers and visitors find convenient parking near their destinations.”

Additionally, SDOT says that expanding the paid parking areas will improve parking turnover and reduce congestion caused by drivers.

The new paid parking area will extend north on both sides of 24th Ave NW from NW Market St to NW 60th St, and on NW 57th and 58th Streets between 24th and 22nd Avenues NW. The west side of 22nd next to Ballard Commons will also be metered.

They expect the pay station installation will be complete by Monday, November 20.

The new meters are on the following blocks:

  • 22nd Ave NW from NW 57th St to NW 58th St (west side only)
  • 24th Ave NW from NW 60th St to NW 57th St (east and west side)
  • 24th Ave NW from NW 57th St to NW 56th St (west side only)
  • NW 57th St from NW 24th St to 22nd Ave NW (north side only)
  • NW 58th St from 24th St NW to 22nd Ave NW (south side only)

If you have questions about the new paid parking areas or permits for residents, contact Contact Virginie Nadimi: or (206) 684-7229.