Watson’s Counter appeals to community for help staying open

The Korean restaurant and cafe Watson’s Counter is facing some hard times and is asking the community for support.

Watson’s Counter moved to 6420 24th Ave NW in May after four years on 15th Ave NW. In a letter to customers, owner James Lim says the move meant he took a big hit financially.

“Our move to this new location has been extremely costly and without getting into too many details, we have been hit very hard with unforeseeable costs that we have not been able to recuperate,” Lim wrote in the letter.

Lim’s letter was an appeal to his community for support at a time where things appear to be on shaky ground for the cafe.

“By asking for your support we’re not asking for handouts or your pity. We want to earn your support through everything we already do here,” Lim wrote.

Lim said people can support the cafe in a few important ways: By becoming a regular, telling friends or family about it, or attending an event (movie nights, dinners, and wine tastings in the works).

“Support local, make a difference: When you choose us, you’re not just getting a cup of coffee; you’re backing a hyper local business,” Lim wrote. “As someone who lives in the neighborhood, alongside many of your favorite baristas here, your love keeps our dream alive and supports our little corner of the community.”

Photo: Watson’s Counter