Street parking in downtown Ballard is now $5.50 per hour in the afternoon

Parking rates have changed across the city, with another increase for downtown Ballard.

It’s now $5.50 to park in the two-hour on-street spaces along NW Market St, NW Leary Way, and Ballard Ave NW. The previous rate was $5 per hour.

Ballard’s core and downtown Fremont are the most expensive on-street parking areas in the city; both at $5.50 per hour in the afternoon.

Here are the current rates for Ballard:

Ballard – Edge$1.00$3.50$4.50
Ballard Locks$1.00$1.00

SDOT makes changes to parking rates three times per year; they say this change reflects an increase in areas where there’s high demand, and a decrease where parking is easier to find.

There is parking rate information for the rest of the city on SDOT’s 2024 Rate Changes web page.