Alpine Kinetics and Bodywork massage clinic opens on Leary Way

There’s a new massage clinic opening in Ballard.

Lauren Divine owns Alpine Kinetics and Bodywork at 928 Leary Way, operating within Upward Physical Therapy, which opened in May.

Divine tells My Ballard that she’s been practicing massage therapy for a couple of years—she has a strong interest in working with people after injuries, pre and postnatal, and people who are living with chronic illness.

Lauren Divine

Divine pivoted to massage therapy during the pandemic. “Like so many others, I had a major change in my lifestyle and finally had the courage to change careers into something that felt more meaningful to me,” she wrote. “The longer I practice and learn, the more valuable I see this work is.”

She says her work is based on the premise of structural integration, which she says means “looking at how the entire body is working with the intent to find the root cause for places of discomfort or limited range of motion.” Divine offers myofascial release, Swedish massage, stretching, cupping, and instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization.

Divine is offering sessions every Monday and Wednesday.

Featured photo: Anna Friedman