Fremont’s Brouwer’s Cafe closes after two decades

After 19 years, Brouwer’s Cafe in Fremont has closed permanently.

The bar’s final night open to the public was on June 28. They told customers about their plans to close in a social media post back in May.

Brouwer’s—located at 400 N 35th St—opened in 2005 and was well known for its extensive collection of craft beer from around the world. The owners pointed to a changing landscape and clientele in their closure announcement.

“We helped pave the way for what is now an amazing craft beer community in Seattle, but consumers have changed, the market has changed, and even the Fremont neighborhood has changed,” they wrote.

Brouwer’s opened long before the Ballard Brewery District emerged—they were North Seattle’s go-to for craft beer aficionados with 64 beers on tap. They also had hundreds of bottles to choose from, both from U.S. breweries and from international beer makers.

Photo: Brouwer’s Cafe