Ballard Nail Studio closes permanently

The Ballard Nail Studio at 5615 24th Ave NW has just closed its doors permanently.

The news came suddenly via a note on the studio’s door, in which they announced that they’d close on July 1 after a decade in business.

“This sudden change is happening rather uanexpectedly and quite rapidly, and we apologize for any inconvenience,” the note reads.

“We are very sad to say goodbye to all our wonderful customers and we will miss you dearly.”

The intersection of 24th Ave NW and NW 57th St seems to be going through a business death-and-rebirth: Across from Ballard Nail Studio on 24th Ave NW is Fitness 19 which closed in April. And, across NW 57th Street from the studio is Verity Credit Union which permanently closed last month. We’re looking into what’s slated to move into those spots.

We’ve also reached out to the Ballard Nail Studio owners to learn more about the reason behind the closure, and will update this story with any new information.

Thanks Michael Allen Smith for the photo of the note and tip!

Featured photo: Google Maps Image Capture, July 2021