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    I live in Crown Hill and last summer there were helicopters and seaplane flying over my house all day long. I called to find out who they were and where they were flying from. None of the companies would cop to it. My neighbors also said it was very noisy, annoying and disruptive. The helicopters stopped this year but the Seaplanes still fly over constantly and very low. Then about 3 weeks ago very large planes started flying over. This afternoon (Sat. The 31st.) around 2 o’clock 8 large planes flew over very low. I have been calling the noise complaint line and they give me the same old song and dance about the wind causing the change in the flight pattern.I have lived in my neighborhood for 30 years. They have definitely changed the flight pattern from previous years. I have been calling often.
    If you are feeling like me call (206)787-5393-press 1 on the phone tree and leave a message.If lots of people call they hopefully will get the message. If we all work together we hopefully can change what is happening. I think the seaplanes are coming from Kenmore Air. You can call and complain to John Galleano the operation manager at extension 2242.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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