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    I saw the “coming soon” sign in the window on 22nd and Ballard ave and this is all I could find online:


    Looks like we’re getting our very own Christian bookstore/coffee shop (no doubt freshly stocked with Mars Hill hipsters) right in old Ballard where “what’s old can actually be quite NEW“.


    great idea

    let me first start by saying how sad I am that this forum no longer entices much meaningful discussion, even on the stereotypical rainy Ballard evening.

    secondly, I am glad to see there is a place where I can finally purchase Pastor Driscoll’s seminal book, ‘Real Marriage’. you know, the one he spent a shitload of money to ensure it made many bestseller lists:

    thirdly, it is too easy to bash M.H. many of these congregants are likely typical members of our community, i.e. teachers, firefighters, accountants, etc., probably many friends of people reading this.
    I am interested in what makes this sort of church appealing to people. is it that Seattle has such a low religious population that those that do participate feel the need to over-compensate and practice in an atavistic conservative manner?
    don’t you guys see it bizarre that liberal Seattle, Ballard in particular, attracts such an oddball group of zealots?

    what gives, Ballard?



    great idea – Do you really think that Ballard attracts more then its fair share of zealots or that ours are particularly oddball? It seems to me that religious zeolotry is, for some people, a pretty fundamental part of the human condition. It falls under the category of ‘whatever gets you through the night.’ My scorn is reserved for the people (like Driscoll) who use this human trait to find meaning in life to enrich themselves while impoverishing (spiritually, mentally, finically) others.


    Life is amazing

    Cate +1



    I agree GI, are people getting blocked again?

    I’ll admit that this post contained a touch of troll-bait, but only 3 replies in 24 hrs? That’s like Queen Anne View territory.


    great idea

    a person who has very strong feelings about something (such as religion or politics) and who wants other people to have those feelings

    it’s that second part (wanting other people to have those feelings) that I would argue is not part of “whatever gets you through the night.”

    Driscoll obviously wants people to share his feelings (going to such great lengths to get his book on NYT bestseller list).
    I realize not all the parishioners live in Ballard, but still find it odd that a city with such low religious participation in general would have this empire of zealots.

    I don’t think there’s been any blocking, Ernie, just a dying forum.



    You know great idea, given that MH has already bought the books, maybe they can give you one?

    I was a little taken back when a seemingly normal family (Mom, Dad, 4 kids) down the street turned out to be MH congregants. My own bias (recovering Catholic) has tipped me very far into the Agnostic flock…. I’m sure they must pray for me. They have good intentions, volunteer a lot in the community, and I don’t consider them zealots.

    I suspect that Seattle in general is a very “me”-focused place. Which leads a lot of folk into the search for meaning, and places like MH are there with open doors and a sense of community. When I was in college (late ’60s- early ’70s), it was the Moonies, Jews for Jesus, et al. By the late ’70s, the television ministries (e.g. PTL) had taken hold. In the ’80s, fundamentalism was rising (acronyms ending “GIC”, etc.). The early ’00s brought us the rise of the mega-churches like MH and others. Later in ’00s we saw the Westboro type hate mongering welling up.

    I don’t see Seattle (or Ballard) as that different that is attracts non-proportionate numbers of “zealots”, but rather that Seattle goads a lot of folk into asking the “meaning of life” question, which leads them into places with open doors. It is sometimes what is beyond the doors which can make zealots.



    Ernie – I seem to remember Ballard having another “christian bookstore”. Didn’t there used to be one near Market and 20th?



    GI – apparently MH has fifteen locations with a total of forty-two services each week! So I don’t think Ballard has cornered the market on this craze.
    I agree that the forum has become rather dull of late so I will try to start a few new topics for us all. :)



    Kind of on topic. A couple of weeks ago my son and I were having a discussion on what was the best translation of the bible, from a world literature standpoint. I held out for the poetry of King James but he liked some of the contemporary translations. I wonder what versions this bookstore will stock?



    VB – an ex-neighbor had a Christian bookstore named Ballard Bible Store.


    Mike Hagen

    Hey everyone!

    Sorry for the delayed response to this but I just found it. I will be managing at His Word Found Here so I am happy to clear the air on some of the questions.

    First, while Mars Hill is a church in Ballard (by far the most prominent) the bookstore does not hold any ties to any particular church or denomination. I am personally a staff pastor at Ballard Church while the owner attends Mars Hill and the rest of the staff are from a scattering of various other churches as well.

    Our hope is not to draw from one group rather than any other but simply to be a resource and encouragement to any and all.

    As well as being a Christian bookstore we have a cafe that will be at the store as well so that if anyone wants to come in to read, work out of the office, have a meeting or simply enjoy a great cup of coffee as well they are able to do so.

    I will keep checking back on this forum if there are any follow up questions and of course I hope to see and meet all of you after we officially open :).



    If the owner attends Mars Hill, I’d say that’s a tie to a particular church.



    Indeed. If it was an auto parts store the owner’s religious affiliation would be inconsequential. But with Mars Hill’s history of stealth, it’s hard to overlook.

    Isn’t the Ballard Church a splinter from Mars Hill, anyway?



    If only all these churches were aboveboard about being business ventures, as the bookstore/cafe clearly is.



    Good thing we don’t have to rely on what people say and do to judge them, but instead can gain unimpeachable insight just by who they work for or what church they belong to!


    PS – Thanks for posting, Mike — welcome to the Forum!


    Mike Hagen

    Mondoman, My pleasure and I apologize for the continued delays on my responses.

    To answer some of the questions;

    No, Ballard Church is not affiliated with Mars Hill. Mars Hill is a non-denominational, reformed church that was planted by Mark Driscoll through the Acts 29 network. Ballard Church is a part of the Pacific Northwest Conference of the Free Methodist denomination.

    On that note, while yes the owner attends Mars Hill and I, as the manager, attend Ballard Church, the store is not directly affiliated with either.

    Yes it is a Christian bookstore and coffeehouse but this is under the title of “Christian” as a whole rather than a subsidiary of a specific church. Mars Hill, Ballard Church and any other church that may have attendants who are employed by the store will not receive any financial support from the store.

    I hope this has helped answer some of the questions. As for any continued concerns I hope that we will alleviate those as we move forward by running a business ethically and with integrity. Our hope is that we will prove ourselves to be above reproach.

    Thank you for your questions. I hope to get a chance to meet you all :)




    Touching this thread because I accidentally started a second one on the same topic without seeing this one, which has more interesting stuff in it. The only update I had in my thread was a pic of the note that’s in the store’s window now.



    And it’s a super-scary one (we should probably rate these threads at least PG-13).


    James Fox

    Well I’m happy to report the coffee is actually exceptional!! And the folks involved with the shop are good hearted people who’s really focused on serving the community they are in.



    I wonder how the Mormons feel about combining caffeine and the bible;)



    The Mormons may not mix caffeine and the Bible but all the Scandinavian Lutheran’s I grew up with sure did. Should fit right into Ballard, or at least the remnants of Old Ballard.


    Bean Dogger

    I wonder when they will apply for a liquor license.



    Or pot license



    Sounds like a great spot for the Urban Rest Stop.

    They can get bathed and baptized at the same time.

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