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Those ugly potholes on 14th Avenue

I hit one of those potholes on 14th the other day and thought the transmission dropped out of my Saab.  Well, not quite that bad, but it woke me up.  Tomas Krynsky asked the SeattlePI why the Seattle transportation folks haven’t patched it up.  “(It) would certainly benefit from rehabilitation,” admits Charles Bookman, Seattle’s street […]

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Even the homeless here are techies

Ballard sure is changing. We’re going from the lutefisk-eating, blond-braid-wearing Scandahoovians (as my grandma says) to “a bunch of wealthy people who work in the information industry,” jokes John Keister of Almost Live fame. Apparently the homeless are also into technology. While reading through the police report in the Ballard News Tribune I learned that […]

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