Radio host interviews ‘Knotty Bodies’ barista

KIRO radio host Dori Monson gave himself a tough assignment: interviewing a bikini-clad barista at Ballard’s brand new “Knotty Bodies” coffee stand. Knotty Bodies opened on 15th Ave. on Saturday, only to be closed Sunday after convenience store clerk Manish Melwani was killed just a few feet away.

Dori asks about the shooting as well as why the shop is using skin as a selling point. “Granted, we’re using our bodies to sell coffee, and that sells,” says Amber, a barista. “If these stands were in Vegas or California, nobody would even think twice. But since they’re here in Seattle, people freak out about them. Or they love them.” Amber said that they discovered a note on their window “from the church across the street saying our kind isn’t welcome here,” and she admitted that business is a little slow so far.

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  1. If I could only win the lotto or mega…..this would be an absolute blast ! I was just feeling sad yesterday again that the Sunset Bowl was gone. The community to support Viking Lanes is here and ready to bowl ! There actually was a Viking Lanes back in the mid-west where I am from. It's long gone at this point….

  2. Someone in Ballard can do this… VIKING LANES

    That is a great name. Some Ballard Beaver alumni, some local, lived in
    Ballard their whole life, business owner… maybe someone like Kathy Casey,
    dish d'dlish… or Tom Douglas or Dale Chihuly.

    Ballard and surrounding hoods need a 24 hour – VIKING LANES – bowling, food,
    coffee, drink, something for everyone. Our community needs this.

  3. Sex sell's so what let them sell it, this is a free country last time I checked. They can sell it you don't have to buy it. Rock on Girl's the only one's hating r the one's that don't have the bodie's to sell it!
    Quit yer bitching people live n let live.Pretty uptight for such an open minded city ballard resident.
    judging christian's go figure!

  4. So it's ok to take children to the beach and be surrounded by women in bikini's but its not ok for someone to serve you coffee in a bikini? It's a little different context, but please people don't make the kid argument.

  5. Well I'm quit sure the church across the street would a) complain alot less about attire in Dec. & b) probably get a few larges to get thru the cold days. Funny how charity should start at home… bad/bad/ church !!!

  6. god damn that girl needs a fuckin education! wow she obviously has no idea what shes doing and why shes doing it or that whats shes doing is a form of business..god shes so fucking stupid!

  7. Not in an ideal location. I’m no longer able to fuel up here wkly due to the fact that my wife is offended by this and these women dont look nice. Get a job at local stripclub? Not an appropriate location. Ive seen one girl flaunt her stuff right in front of my kids this is not mature or cool with me. This gas station must be losing customers in droves.

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