Acorn Eatery closed & up for sale

For months now, Crown Hill’s Acorn Eatery (9041 Holman Rd) has been closed and is up for sale

We’ve received many emails from people wondering what’s going on, “Any ideas on what is happening at the Acorn Eatery? They have confusing signs on their building and windows.” a MyBallard reader writes. We’ve tried to contact the owners but have received no response.

A sign in the window says, “Notice – Due to some unfortunate events, the Acorn will be temporarily closed for business. We apologize in advance to our customers and will be open again as soon as possible.” Another sign points out that the 3,200 square foot restaurant is up for sale. The current lease on the property is up in March 2011. (Thank you everyone for your emails.)

Ballard Walgreens robbed at gunpoint

Updated: Police are searching for an armed man who robbed the Walgreens at 6:45 this morning. Police say they believe the robbery occurred in the pharmacy. The suspect escaped in an unknown direction, and nobody was injured.

Moments after the robbery, a large police response flooded the area, briefly shutting down 15th and Market. A K9 unit has been called to the search, and as of 7:45 a.m., the dog has tracked the suspect near Ballard Commons Park. The 5’10” suspect is wearing all black, with black sweats, black backpack, black hoodie, grey scarf, tennis shoes with white soles, and was carrying a silver pistol.

We’ll be updating with more information as we receive it, and My Ballard reader Silver is updating reports on the ongoing search in comments below.

Jolly Roger Taproom could open late January

Maritime Pacific Brewery and the Jolly Roger Taproom are getting closer to opening in their new digs (1111 NW Ballard Way.)

Originally scheduled to open in October, the Seattle Weekly reports the brewhouse and pub could open the end of January. Owners George and Jane Hancock decided to move into this new, larger, location to keep up with demand. As soon as they get brewing, they will be able to brew four batches of 40 barrels of beer each day, compared with the four batches of 16 barrels at the old location. Jane tells the Weekly that they are trying to keep the feel of the old place, “We are really trying to be enough the same place that everybody enjoys it. We still want that cozy ambiance.” (Photo from previous story.)

Treecycle that Christmas tree

Now that Christmas is over, you may be ready to get rid of your tree.

If you subscribe to curbside food and yard waste collection you can put your tree out between now and January 10th for no extra charge. Seattle Public Utilities website, At Your Service, states that, “Trees should be cut into sections of six feet long or shorter, with branches trimmed to less than four feet to fit into the collection trucks. Sections should be bundled with string or twine.” Flocked trees or trees with tinsel will be picked up as an extra unit of garbage, which costs $7.60. You can also drop your tree off at the Recycling and Disposal Station at N. 34th St and Carr Place N. (Photo of Geeky Swedes Christmas tree – crooked topper and all.)

Coyote spotted in Olympic Manor

My Ballard reader Elliott posted this warning in the forum:

Just wanted to give a heads up to all of you living in Olympic Manor and surrounding neighborhoods who let your small dogs or cats out. As we were driving out of the neighborhood this evening, there was a coyote (a very young and anxious-looking coyote!) running south along 21st Ave. Trust me that I know what a coyote looks like. Keep your beloved pets inside!

Coyote sightings in the general vicinity of Golden Gardens and Carkeek Park are infrequent, but not unprecedented. And over in Magnolia over the last few weeks, a coyote has been making the rounds.

Thai Siam serves hundreds of Christmas meals

Thai Siam on 15th Ave. NW was busy yesterday. From noon until two, they offered free turkey meals to those who wouldn’t otherwise have a nice Christmas dinner. Ott, the owner, tells us they served about 800 meals, which adds up to thirty 25-pound turkeys, 150 pounds of meatloaf, 200 pounds of mashed potatoes, 150 pounds of dressing, lots of pumpkin pie, sweet corn, cran berry sauce, cookies, and beverages. Ott tells us that everyone also received a turkey salad to take home. (Disclosure: Thai Siam is a sponsor of MyBallard.)

Photos of holiday lights around the neighborhood

Updated: Thanks to your help, we’ve assembled a few photos of some incredible holiday light displays in Ballard. Let’s just say that many homeowners are brimming with Christmas spirit (and free time).

This home on 8th Ave. and 90th St. wins the prize for the most lights per square foot. Chevy Chase (“Christmas Vacation”) would be proud (compare). Even the roof, shrubs and the front door are covered in bulbs. Every minute or so, a car pulls over to the curb to take in the scene.

This is the “Gingerbread House” on 9th Ave. and 73rd. The house is even broadcasting on an AM radio frequency, so you can tune in to learn more about the display. (Thanks Chris for the tip!)

Over on Alonzo near 73rd, this family lit up the tall tree in their yard. It’s hard to see, but a big star sits on top. (Thanks Cahiwa!)

On 16th Ave. at 67th St., this home features quite a few holiday characters packed in the front yard. It’s a little eerie, actually. (Thanks Name!)

This is along 6th Ave. at 51st St. “Trains, boats, giant star on the side of the house; it’s an extravaganza of lights!” writes RaisedBed in comments. “Some of the displays are made by the homeowner (not store bought) and are quite fun.”

Yes, this is a 15-foot-tall Maurice Sendak nutcracker standing along Dibble and 90th St. “Someone must have worked on the production years ago,” writes Mrs. JW in comments, who calls it the Christmas Miracle. Why? “Because I wonder where they store it the other 11 months!”

This house on 80th St. near 18th Ave. is always a favorite. It looked spectacular last year in the snow. (Oh, remember last year about this time? Photos.)

And this home on 9th Ave. near 67th has that warm, cozy Christmas glow.

Know of more Christmas light displays worth adding? Post a comment….