8 comments on “Final wall comes down at Sunset Bowl”

  1. “Tim-beeeeeer!” Wow- that is very cool.
    And Rob, you can just barely hear the cheering in the background over the squeaking of those 'dozers.

  2. Better be some sweet condos for me to be cool with Sunset officially gone.

  3. “Oh, look, there's a sketchy and permanently planted RV behind that wall!”

  4. In an area chock full of “progressives” there certainly is a lot of concern over this building coming down. What part of progress isn't good here? In 10 years will anybody give a rats ass? Does merely living here in Seattle give us magical powers of whining? How many here are getting into their 56 Chevs, driving to work, listening to their 8-track players? )) )Jepordy music while I wait…………

  5. Jeopardy.
    RIP Sunset.
    Not whining, but definately sad.
    And definately, absolutley, not a progressive.

  6. People from all walks of life enjoy bowling. I suspect this will be true in ten years.

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