Nellie’s now open, no longer Nervous

You can now get espresso, tea and toast at Nellie’s, which just opened at the Lockspot Cafe (3005 NW 54th St.)

Nervous Nellie’s closed the larger coffee shop last month at the corner of 17th Ave NW and NW 56th to move into this new location. On Wednesday, they opened for business near the entrance to the Ballard Locks. The new stand is called “Nellie’s” because, “We’re just not nervous anymore,” the owner joked. The espresso stand is open everyday from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. (Thanks Robby for the tip!)

8 comments on “Nellie’s now open, no longer Nervous”

  1. I get espresso, I get tea…but toast?
    I'm new to the area, can someone explain why toast is special? A special Ballard thing?

  2. All the bagels I've tried in Seattle in the last two years have sucked donkey d%&k. I don't understand it. There are plenty of great bakeries but no one can boil and bake a piece of dough. Why is that?

  3. Great to see them open in a great location, the tourists will be so lucky to get some of the best coffee in Seattle.

  4. Very happy to see them open again! and the toast should still be there from what they said awhile ago. Their toast is fantastic! also as a side note seattle is a horrible place to try and find a good bagel. but just get toast here instead :)

  5. Well, “toast” is written on the sign above the new window, so that confirms the continued presence of toast (and presumably of the marmalades, cheese, hard-boiled eggs, Kalles kaviar spread, and other assorted insanity/awesomeness that goes atop the toast)!

    Some coffee stands work as all-weather outposts, but I'm not sure how the toast will fit into that equation. Nothing's worse than soggy toast!

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