City won’t appeal ‘Missing Link’ ruling

The City of Seattle made it official this morning, deciding not to appeal a judge’s ruling on the missing link of the Burke-Gilman Trail. Instead, the city will follow this judge’s order to conduct an environmental review of a small section of the missing link that was left out of the original study. SDOT tells us the review on Shilshole Avenue from 17th Ave. to Vernon Place will take about six months.

A group of businesses fighting the proposed missing link lost in court on 8 of the 9 issues that went before the judge. Once this environmental review is complete, the group can still appeal those 8 issues. Attorneys for the businesses tell MyBallard they haven’t decided what steps to take, but they continue to push for an alternative “cycletrack” through downtown Ballard.

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  1. “what was there first” arguments are bound to fail, for the very reason that you qualified it with “European Americans”

  2. The path along 45th is not the issue. It's the pinch point along the tracks at the Ballard Bridge. The city should be allowed to reconfigure it to separate the tracks from other traffic.

  3. Thanks cosmoking for your perspective- as for your questions, I bike commute to Sand Point, which takes only 15 minutes more than driving. The tracks are the big concern, because that's where people are getting injured.

    As for the Ballard-downtown commute, I use the bridge when I'm in a hurry to get to a meeting, otherwise go through the locks. Coming back, the ride up Dexter is quick but then you still end up at the Missing Link on the way back to Ballard.

    There are major improvements to the Ballard Bridge in the works – maybe even a wider bike-ped bridge attached to the side. Since it's a historic structure, they are limited in what they can do even thought it has seismic issues.

  4. This is the dumbest argument for anything.
    Just because something was here, or is here, doesn't mean that it's good. In this country, slavery was here first, should we bring that back too?
    I'm not making the counter extreme argument that everything new is good either, just that what seems to be the real foundation of the argument against the trail is utterly stupid and bogus.

  5. oh! The horrors! SPG used a naughty word to make a point! Get the smelling salts and prepare the fainting couch! The strong industrialist can't take that word being used!

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