Nearby news: suspect in tree delays Sounder train in Magnolia

Early this morning a burglary suspect climbed a tree near local railroad tracks, delaying the Seattle-Edmonds Sounder train.

The man climbed the tree at 34th Ave. W and Gilman Ave in Magnolia at approximately 5:30 am this morning. As the man was so close to the train tracks the railway line had to be temporarily closed.

According to the Magnolia Voice, by 7:30 a.m. police had surrounded the man who was high up in the tree and by 8:50 a.m. the suspect had come down from the tree on his own.

The man is said to be responsible for broken windows in the nearby area. Police now have the man in custody and worked with Seattle Fire Department crews to reopen the railroad tracks.

The incident caused multiple Seattle bound Sounder trains  to be delayed. Some passengers were stuck on trains for more than an hour. Passengers were unloaded to board buses in Edmonds to finish their morning commute.

Thanks to Magnolia Voice reader Scott Lien for the photo!

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