Ballard’s proposed tent city to have tiny homes

As the debate over a tent city in Ballard continues, local organization Sustainable Ballard is helping raise funds to build tiny homes to include on the proposed Market Street encampment site. The Low Income Housing Institute (LIHI) and Nickelsville already have six tiny homes to move to the Ballard site.

tiny home
Tiny home built by the Tulalip TERO program. Photo courtesy LIHI

LIHI’s Melinda Nichols says the Ballard site would likely be a combination of tents and tiny homes. The homes are 9 feet by 12 feet, (96 square feet total) and are big enough for one or two people, she says. “I know these will be wonderful for folks,” Nichols tells us, adding that they’ll be very attractive and will line the sidewalk in front of the encampment. “They have a great village kind of feel,” Nichols says. “We are hoping that this a model that makes sense.”

Neighborhood organization Sustainable Ballard is helping with the plan; they’re raising money to build as many tiny homes as possible. “This important project will provide a safe place to live for people currently living on the streets,” they write in a newsletter.

According to Sustainable Ballard, the houses cost $2,350 each. That breaks down to $1,800 for lumber, $250 for overhead lights and a ventilation fan and $300 to transport it to Ballard. They say the houses will be built by volunteers and LIHI is looking for artists to paint the front doors.

Sustainable Ballard will be raising money for the homes at the Sustainable Ballard Festival, where they’ll have a tiny house on site for people to view. If you want to donate to the tiny home fund, do so via Paypal or mail a check to Sustainable Ballard, 2442 NW Market St. #286, Seattle, WA 98107.  Please note “Tiny House Campaign” on your check.

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