‘Shocked’ from lack of police at Golden Gardens

This Monday evening, police responded to a hit and run involving three cars on Seaview Place in Golden Gardens Park. While they were investigating, several “obviously angry” people gathered around and “complained that there are 10-15 cars recklessly driven in the parking lot by a group of about 30 teens, who are drinking and causing problems,” reads the Seattle Police report. “The witnesses were shocked that we did not have any police presence in the park,” explains the officer. When the officers responded, the parking lot was “quiet when we arrived.” You may remember, last week we reported on a robbery-assault at Golden Gardens that involved two groups of teens.

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  1. Reducing underage drinking in the park will likely help the police. There was a teenager assaulted on May 8th (police report linked in this blurb

    The concerns and issues are the same at Magnuson Park, where it's even more difficult for North Precinct police to patrol. Cops patrolling both parks will tell you the same thing. Underage drinking is at the core of most of the major problems.

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