Pet parrot found in the snow

My Ballard reader Giselle just sent us this email with these photos:

“Sunday morning this was the scene in our North Beach garden. Yes, it’s a parrot!” she writes, calling it “Frosty the Snowbird.”

“And it’s not feral. Very friendly and finger trained. We offered some fruit and it flew to our deck,” Giselle explains.

“So we took it inside and got it warmed up and eating. We are reaching out to many contacts to try to find the owner, and we have lined up a reputable foster home for when the roads clear up enough for safe travel. The Exotic Bird Society and Audubon have been very helpful with care tips and contact assistance. Hope someone knows someone who is missing a beautiful bird!”

Update: We received this email from Giselle:

“We found the bird’s owners this morning! They made contact through the Bird and Exotic Clinic. Their description and circumstances check out as legitimate. They live about a mile up the hill from us, and are coming over this evening with a 4 wheel drive to pick him up. All’s well that ends well!”

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