Viaduct decision delayed, tunnel back in play

Updated: Governor Christine Gregoire was due to make a decision on the Viaduct by the end of the year, but she has delayed the verdict until next month. “As a result of the continued overwhelming response and input on replacement options from stakeholders, we have asked our respective transportation teams to continue their review,” she said in a joint statement today with Ron Sims and Greg Nickels. And the tunnel option is getting a second look. A key Gregoire adviser told the Seattle Times that a deep-bored tunnel is “probably the most viable option” assuming the costs pencil out. “The interest in the tunnel has led us to take some additional time to study it right,” said Ron Judd.

A view of the deep-bored tunnel option. The tunnels would have two lanes in each direction and would extend from approximately Harrison Street (seen here) to S. Royal Brougham Way (below).

This scenario also includes a pair of north and southbound one-way streets using Alaskan Way and Western Avenue. See more photos here and a map of the project here (pdf). While Elliott/15th Ave. would connect to the surface streets, it would not be accessible from the tunnel. Your thoughts, good for Ballard?

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