Changes to BAT lanes on 15th Ave.

After hearing community feedback about the confusing BAT lanes on 15th Ave W, the city has made some changes. Last week the city installed signs and markings to reflect those changes

Seattle Traffic Operations Engineer Mike Morris-Lent told our sister site, MagnoliaVoice, that the biggest change is for drivers coming off the Magnolia bridge southbound. Instead of needing to merge right away at West Galer, drivers will now have an additional two and a half blocks to travel to West Lee before they have to merge. Engineers hope this will make the merge safer and reduce congestion. In the northbound direction, there will no longer be parking between W Lee Street and the Magnolia Bridge entrance and parking will now be restricted on weekdays from 7 AM to 6 PM between W Prospect Street and W Lee Street. Now that the changes have been in place for about a week, what are your thoughts, are the signs more clear?

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