Subway on 15th robbed at gunpoint

Several My Ballard readers posted in the forum about a swarm of police activity in several areas near the Subway at 15th Ave. NW and 53rd St. late last night. “They have the street blocked off and cruisers are going around with their lights on like they are looking for someone,” said GregD. We spoke with Seattle Police, and they said a man robbed the small Subway shop at gunpoint just after 10 p.m. Police set up a containment area and brought in a K9 unit, but the suspect had escaped. Officers describe him as a Hispanic male with a goatee between the ages of 20-30, wearing a dark hooded sweat shirt. Fortunately, the employee working at the time was not injured in the robbery.

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  1. Note, I didn't say the word “now”, I clearly stated in fact, what is fact, and how I feel about it. Yeah, and still waiting for someone to come up with photo or video.

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