Mud Bay to open in Ballard

In late February, Hollywood Video on 15th Ave. closed up shop.

A sign on the door says Mud Bay pet store will be moving in soon. Mud Bay specializes in natural pet products including 500 unique formulas of dog and cat food. If this sounds a little familiar, you may remember another locally-owned pet store chain, “All the Best Pet Care” just opened along Market St. in Ballard. By the way, Ballard has 2,388 registered dogs and 2,036 registered cats — the most of any other Seattle neighborhood listed in Metropolitan Magazine’s neighborhood guide published this last month. (Thanks for the tip Catherine!)

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6 thoughts to “Mud Bay to open in Ballard”

  1. Yay! This will make it MUCH easier for me to buy my supply of “Worlds Most Expensive Cat Litter” ™.

    I may whine about the cost, but the stuff makes living in a studio condo with two cats much more pleasant!

    I used to work for Mud Bay and I have nothing bad to say about them. Good products, good ethics. We need more businesses like them!

  2. Wow trigger cut calm down. Just because people don't want to spend an arm and a leg on pet food doesn't mean they shouldn't own an animal. You can buy pet food at costco for cheap. A huge bag of cat food costs $20 and feeds my cats for a month or more.

  3. What comment are you responding to Trigger cut? I read all the previous comments and your post still makes no sense to me. I dislike that people get so snarky on here. How about we just ask questions, share tips and exchange information.

  4. Mud Bay panders to our local Ballard sentiments by positioning themselves as a local company. They're from Olympia, definitely not Seattle. I like All The Best, they're truly local. :)

  5. Way over priced. Had a horrible experience with one of the staff being nasty and talking about obscene thing in front of customers! Same staff person actually called a customer stupid!@ Wow, that's the kind of service I like.

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