Old Ballard hosting Honk Fest West tonight

You can expect quite the show in Old Ballard tonight as Honk Fest West returns with “radical marching bands” from 5 states and Canada. “The streets, cafes, & pubs of Ballard and Georgetown will be overflowing with the lively sound of horn players and drummers from more than a dozen street bands,” explains the website, which lists events at The Sunset, Conor Byrne, Bop Street Records and the Chai House.

Sounds like a blast. But last year, some of the bands decided to march up and down Ballard Ave., keeping some nearby residents awake. “I’ve lived on Ballard Ave. for 5 years. I’ve seen, heard and put up with just about everything — and I wouldn’t trade living here for the world — but this is the WORST!” wrote one My Ballard reader last year. Tonight’s event begins at 7 p.m.

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2 thoughts to “Old Ballard hosting Honk Fest West tonight”

  1. Yes, these guys and gals are a hoot, I had a blast with them last year. But clearly, you love them or hate them, they really don't provide much middle ground ;-)
    If you enjoy big bands having fun, being irreverently noisy, you don't want to miss them. If you live nearby, you won't have much choice…

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