Sneak peek of the new penguin exhibit

Today was preview day of the Woodland Park Zoo’s Humboldt Penguin exhibit.

Members of the zoo were invited to come take a look at the new habitat that opens to the public tomorrow.

The area was full of kids who watched and waited for the penguins swim by.

If today is any indication, the penguins are going to be quite popular. PhinneyWood was there for this morning’s ribbon cutting.

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12 thoughts to “Sneak peek of the new penguin exhibit”

  1. I for one am very happy to see the pens move into their new home.

    they seemed rather sad in the old digs.

    but can they beat the capitals?

  2. I was there today. It's huge for penguins. 17,000-square-feet. Much more dynamic for the birds than the old circle pool they were in. I think the birds liked watching us from under the water as much as we liked watching them.

  3. Free the penguins! Stop torturing them with cold water!

    WPZ is nothing more than a detention center for animals held by cruel prison guards.

    Where’s Lily Tomlin when you need her?

    Does anyone know any celebrities in the “Free the Penguins Now!” movement we can bring to Seattle? Danny Devito?

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