GreenGo Foods for sale

GreenGo Foods, the restaurant that opened in the small building on 20th Ave. back in February is up for sale.

It’s not that they aren’t meeting financial goals, in fact they say they’re growing. But after less than six months, owners Dylan and Heidi write that they have just worked themselves too hard. “Our family unit has been taxed to damn near broken.” The first few months were hard for them financially and while they can’t seem to pull themselves out of debt they refuse to buy the cheap food. The couple prides themselves in serving “fast food with a conscience.” They believe in helping local farmers and food producers. “It’s so strange that wanting to support small local farms and artisianal food producers with our business has put us in this situation.” The owners say they’ve learned a lesson or two along the way, “We are willing to share those lessons with any buyer and set them up for success.” (Thanks John for the tip!)

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  1. I'm really sad to hear that the greatness of this little food place has been so hard on this family. I've been a big fan and just enjoyed their patio dining the other day. I hope their shop can find a buyer.

  2. This is really too bad. I like their food a lot, and I would bet that the summer months would be really good for their business, when people can take their food to a park to enjoy outside.

    If it's really the business or the family, I'm glad they're able to make the choice they're making.

  3. I'm really struck by this little announcement. GreenGo is a very special little biz and I've enjoyed their food. Thank you for giving it your best! There's so much joy, pain and hard work behind running a small business it's beyond measure until you've done it.

    Thanks Geeky Swedes for the post and for letting us know. I made a full post myself about small business, labor, politics, after reflecting on your post today:

    Your partner in service, Reuven.

  4. I wish them the best, and want to thank them for presenting a business model with a conscience. I certainly hope that it continues in that manner.
    I've enjoyed their food many times, they will be missed.

  5. I work in a small restaurant, and I know how hard it is on the owners. They often refer to the brutal first few years, so I know it's not as bad as it WAS, which is kinda scary.

    Part of the reason I took the job was to learn about how to run a restaurant, with the thought that I might want to own one someday. What I learned is that while I *love* working there, I might just leave the ownership part to someone else…

  6. I'm so sad to hear this. We love the restaurant and business model. We were so impressed the first time we walked in and were told all the ingredients and where they came from! I may know a potential investor, so will pass along the info. It would be nice to keep the restaurant going! I wish Dylan & Heidi the best.

  7. I'm really disappointed to hear this, my wife and I love Green Go and would love to see them thrive more than any small business in Ballard. They've only been open like six months and we were just starting to really add it into our heavy eating rotation, and have talked to so many friends who have yet to even check it out but I know will love it when they do. I felt like they were just getting warmed up. I would love to think they might stick it out through the summer and ideally even see a huge upswing if enough people get the word out and the weather stays great. This will be the biggest restaurant bummer for the Ballard area since Zagi's closed…

  8. We really LOVE our Ballard community. Our neighborhood peeps. The other restaurant families at UMA and PLAKA especially. Felony Flyers for great friendship and neighborliness.(But please don't park in their driveway when you come to visit us;) We have so many awesome neighbors! We just have a farming beacon going off. We have a couple good leads for organic farm stays. Thank you Ballard. Hopefully someone great will come and seamlessly continue to bring you good food.

  9. I love your food and your model! This is so sad, but of course understandable because running a restaurant is expensive and not a money maker. So many restaurants do fail because of this. Have you all thought about setting up at the Ballard Sunday Market? Lots of food there, but you have a loyal following…

  10. Thank you for the sentiment, but we are really off to go on a farm stay.
    Our family needs some major life change, and we want to learn some new

  11. In my businesses in the past, it seems to always beg the question of the relationship with a landlord! (i.e. leases and their terms, upkeep and condition of systems liabilities included in the triple net leases that protect the land/building owners, general attitude.) I would have an interest. DrRoss

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