‘Cat found’ poster shows one mean kitty

Posters of missing cats and dogs are commonplace around Ballard, but My Ballard reader Newman sent us this funny photo of a prank (or hacked) poster on 75th St. between 15th and 16th Ave.

As many residents know, opossums are also commonplace in Ballard, but you certainly wouldn’t want to adopt one as a pet.

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24 thoughts to “‘Cat found’ poster shows one mean kitty”

  1. I saw a similar poster on 28th last year. Different pictures, and street name, other text was the same. Very funny. I've never seen an oppossum in Ballard, but growing up in Chicago, I saw them regularly.

  2. I have actually held an opossum. She was very sweet, if not the sharpest tool in the shed. There is a woman in north Seattle that actually rescues them. Sadly, their natural lifespan isn't all that long anyway.

    It was a cool, very ancient-looking critter. Didn't even smell too bad. ;-)

  3. They don't smell that bad until they play dead, then they actually have glands that emit a smell that they are decomposing to ward off predators by making them think they're dead.

  4. when i was a kid, my dad resued a baby one from my cat. it was in the evening, so there wasn't anywhere we could take it at the time so my dad put the lil thing in a shoe box ON TOP OF THE FRIDGE.

    next AM, i wake up and see my cat staring intently at the fridge, or underneath it. i see the lil “possum under there (never knew how it wound up on the floor..), so i try to grab it – to help – and the little toothless baby thing bit the hell out of me!!

    dad always teased me about that one.


  5. Almost stepped on a baby one coming down off a ladder. If growled and showed its teeth. Swung the paint can at it and it took off. Have not seem a one this year Used to all you had to do was go outside to see one running up or down the street. Also would see where they had been hit by a car quite often. Did they eliminate themselves?

  6. They've been around an awfully long time to eliminate themselves so quickly. My sense is that the road kill thing a seasonal phenomenon.

    Q: Why did the chicken cross the road?

    A: To show the opossum that it could be done.

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