Family of raccoons spotted off Market

We’ve seen a raccoon in a tree, a raccoon on a roof, and now there’s a family of raccoons hanging out next to a bar on Market Street.

Robby emailed us, “I was walking on Market Street, when I passed by that dentist office next to the Old Pequliar. I looked over and saw, a whole family of raccoons!” He says the raccoons stood there for about two minutes. “They sure didn’t seem scared of me.”

This is a shot of them walking near the Old Pequliar parking lot. “Not quite a cougar sighting, but it was still pretty surprising to see a whole family of raccoons right off the sidewalk on Market,” he says.

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21 thoughts to “Family of raccoons spotted off Market”

  1. Yeah, they look cute. I've seen 'em tear apart a man in seconds.

    Not really.

    Oooo! I'll bet they're messing with the patrons of the pub!

    “DUDE! I *totally* saw a raccoon just now!”

    “Was it wearing a cougar-tail hat?”

    “No, dude, seriously!”

    “I'm cutting you off.”

    “Oh MAN! Look! There he is again, and he's laughing!”

  2. Not really that funny. Our street around 67th and 27th has had many close encounters, at least one which ended with a dog almost dying. They certainly aren't afraid of humans or other animals. Where's that cougar when you need one?

  3. Agreed, my gf has a family of coons outside her place that will virtually look in her window to announce their going to the condos garbage area to look for goodies. I think they actually want us to turn on the lights to help them see since they rarely move quickly despite yelling or clapping.

  4. I think these are the same guys that walk the fence line between 15 & 17 on NW 58th. They are very friendly, well from 10-yards and thru a glass door anyway. Oddly they react the same if you blow them kisses or yell at them; I think it's, “Ya got any damn food, no, fine I'm out of here”

  5. I suspect the urban 'coons will be more and more visible as they get hungrier. With food scraps going into the big 'n' tall yard waste bins, there's less easy food for them in garbage cans.

    As much as I like wildlife and think they're very cute, I'm a bit worried for our pets and kids.

    We should probably introduce a cougar or two into the neighborhood to keep the raccoon population down!

  6. I've heard/seen maybe not these same coons, but a group of three or four, right around midnight, eating up the plums from a plum tree right by the old library. It's a good time for them to eat naturally (harvest season), so I don't know why they need to head over to the bars.

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