Back to school for Ballard students

Today is the first day of school for Seattle Public Schools which means kids will be walking, school buses are running and high schoolers will be driving to school. Many schools have changed their start and end times so keep a lookout for kids in the early morning and afternoons. Here’s a link to the new times.

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One thought to “Back to school for Ballard students”

  1. Speeding in a school zone will net you at ticket for $189.

    Speeding in a school zone means going above 20 mph when there are yellow flashing lights or any children present. One of the trickiest spots is on 80th between Mary and 14th. It's a school zone b/c of the crosswalks to get children to Whittier Elementary. I am sure there are other zones where you don't see schools — please add them!

    And the next person who honks, tailgates or tries to pass me when I'm going 20 mph in a school zone on NW 65th or NW 80th during 'school zone' hours will be getting a special little wave from me out the window.

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