Get ready for ‘Holidays in Ballard’

While many people are still trying to put together their Halloween costumes, the In Ballard Merchants Association is already gearing up for the holidays. After a summer-long “Tuesdays in Ballard” blitz, the group is planning a “Holidays in Ballard” campaign to run from November 16th to January 4th. There is a kick-off meeting planned for this Tuesday October 6th.

“We will discuss our plans for the upcoming season,” says Laura Buzard of Laura Bee Designs and secretary of the association. “So far these include festive decorations, a PR and ad campaign, and exciting holiday-related events to make Ballard the go-to shopping district this winter.” The meeting will be held at the Ballard Community Center at 7 p.m.

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14 thoughts to “Get ready for ‘Holidays in Ballard’”

  1. Ballard continues to build its sense of community through local merchants who in turn support the vibrant lifestyles of Seattle residents – the Ballard/Greenwood Sip & Ship will be there!

  2. Woo hoo! Here come the Holidays! :-)
    Maybe I'm mistaken about this but the wheat shaft decorations seemed to go up later and not as many of them last year.

  3. I find a personal sense of satisfaction in that I've done all my holiday shopping in Ballard for the last 6 years. I love my small local businesses and thoroughly love giving something that isn't in every mall by the dozen.

    Yay – shopping in Ballard!!!

  4. the “In Ballard Merchants Association”?

    I've never heard of this group. Is this the rival organization to the Ballard Chamber of Commerce? Is this the group of local businesses that actually SUPPORT construction of the Missing Link Multi-use Trail?


    My husband and I have tried for the past few years to purchase nothing (including services) east of Greeenwood or north of 85th. And you know, it's pretty easy to have all of your needs met in our little neighborhood!

  6. The wheat shaft thing is a julenek and is Norwegian. It could also be Swedish too, I just know it as being norsk. I'm wondering if we'll have them at all this year. There was a lady who would bring them to Olsens on Market St. to sell them. So, not sure where this lady will be able to sell them now. Hope that's not one tradition that Ballard loses. The birds enjoy the one we always put up in our backyard.

  7. Me too. I like standing at the bus stop watching pigeons grabbing bits of it. It's something I look forward to. And it's a lot nicer to look at than the rope lights around the tree trunks that Greenwood does.
    My goodness, I hope Ballard doesn't end up with rope lights. Yuck.

  8. No, they aren't.

    They are merchants (ie retailers) in Ballard trying to make a living.

    From their literature it looks like Ballard Chamber is part of Ballard Merchants Assoc.

    But feel free to bang the Bike Trail drum it's so refreshing to hear more about it.

  9. We hope any and all interested Ballard merchants will come to the meeting tomorrow. We look forward to seeing everyone there!

  10. Whoohoo BMA! Tuesdays in Ballard was a great thing! Glad to hear that there will be something else look forward to before the summer season. Can't wait to hear what the merchants come up with for the holidays!

  11. Kristine Leander (Cultural Director of the Swedish Cultural Center, Author of “Norwegian Seattle” and Chair of the Leif Erikson Foundation) sells them. I helped her last year…but the snow made it almost impossible for her ! PLUS, some whack-job took all of them down on the poles, after the merchants had purchased them.

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