Tom Douglas not opening restaurant in Ballard

As we first wrote about back in September, Tom Douglas was looking at Ballard for a new restaurant. “I was looking forward to being in Ballard, but that space just didn’t jell, unfortunately,” Douglas tells the Seattle Times.

Instead of the old Via Verde space on Market Street, Douglas will open his newest restaurant next door to his current restaurant, Etta’s. Nancy Leson with the Seattle Times has the scoop here. (Thanks Mike for the link!)

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20 thoughts to “Tom Douglas not opening restaurant in Ballard”

  1. Hey Tom, if you're reading this… the space you want is the old Ballard Camera space. It would be a bigger build-out, but would be much nicer than the old Via Verde space anyway.

    No hurry, we'll wait.

  2. Fantastic idea!! That space is dying to be brought back to it's original glory. And it's on the corner, and it's bigger. Come on Tom, give it a look.

  3. if the” space just didn't jell” you can always add some pectin.

    I thought a top-rate chef would've known such elementary culinary solutions.

  4. The Seattle Times quote about the Ballard space not jelling was by Jackie Cross, business partner and wife of Tom Douglas. Tom has been very careful and supportive over the years to make sure his wife/biz partner is given proper equal credit for their ventures and successes.

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