New fires in Greenwood are arson

Updated: Two fires broke out minutes apart and just a few blocks from each other in Greenwood early this morning, and Seattle Fire investigators now say they’re arson. That makes 7 unsolved arson cases in the Greenwood neighborhood. PhinneyWood has been covering this story all morning.

“It absolutely instills fear when you see building, after building, after building,” said Dave, a nearby resident who woke up with the sirens this morning. “It’s like a localized form of terrorism.” Investigators are working to determine the cause of the latest two fires. We’ll keep you updated.

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21 thoughts to “New fires in Greenwood are arson”

  1. this from The Seattle Fire Department is fighting a commercial fire at 84th St NW and Greenwood Ave NW at Rosewood Guitars. KIRO 7 News reporter Chris Francis has just arrived and reports live on the KIRO 7 Morning News.

  2. Another fire in Greenwood? Does anyone else think it is time to start (or ramp up if they are already happening) neighborhood watches for this firebug? Seems the fires are all starting around the same time within an 8 Block radius. I know the police/fire have their hands full of other activity so whatever the community can to do 'be on guard' I would think would be of benefit

  3. the police need to get in gear on this.

    i'm sure i'll be flamed but the times has a story detailing many “rituals” and traditions to respect fallen officers, such as a couple officers sitting at the funeral home at all times until burial, etc…

    i think we could use all the officers we have, especially with this dangerous arsonist running wild.

  4. Oh no. A guitar shop? I'm picturing people's beloved guitars, in for repair, going up in smoke. And with all that seasoned wood, not to mention the glues, paints and varnishes that must have been stored there, it must have gone up fast and hot. So sad.

  5. Wow. Whoever this person is needs to be found and strung up by his b*lls.
    Both the little guitar place and the furniture place next door are long time Greenwood businesses and some of my favorite window shopping. Sucks, really sucks. I hope they're both okay and don't lose any business over this.

  6. Most serial arsonists are in it for both the the thrill of the destruction, as well as the notoriety they gain from their actions. I guarantee you that the arsonist is reading this blog as well as any other reports on his/her actions that come up in the media.

    With that in mind, I'd like to recall the story of Martin Pang, who set fire to his family's business in order to collect the insurance. Unfortunately, 2 firefighters died in the blaze, which was not Pang's intent. He got charged with murder anyway. You can find him in solitary confinement.

    You're going to get caught. Maybe not today or tomorrow, but you will. And years from now, as you're sitting in your cell looking at that long stretch of jailhouse wall, you'll remember what you gave up. Your freedom, your choice, your dignity. You'll have no one to hate but yourself.

    If you remember anything, you'll remember that.

  7. Is there a map with all the fire locations marked? Time for the nightowls amongst us to borrow some vans or suv's, block out some windows and do stake outs with cameras.

    I am surprised that this person has set this many that have gotten so big before they are discovered or alarms triggered.

    @arsonist: seek help before this turns out like the events that put Pang in prison. Or just quit before you get caught. The next one is the one that could trip you up. Only a matter of time.

  8. not to make light — the ugliness of experiencing a building fire and its aftermath is emotionally brutal — but Google Maps has an angry-little-arson-fire icon? Not sure it is “WTF” or “who knew”?

  9. I agree. The situation could use much more police attention.

    However, your comments about police rituals are out of line. To call it a “ritual” is disrespectful. When a policeman is killed, the force does everything they can to support an officer's family in their time of need. This can include spending time with the family in their home. This is not done while officers are on duty or required for calls. It is unacceptable to imply that officers are sitting around at a widow/widower's home in lieu of actually working. Since police offers do not make much money (like firemen and medics), the concept of providing internal financial and emotional support is key. I don't think this is much different from the rituals that military families have for fellow fallen soldiers' families.

    Why make comments like this about a dead man's friends and co-workers?

    When you need a policeman, fireman or medic, nothing else will do.

  10. Too random for the cops. Multiple unmarked units would have to sit in multiple areas. But for a citizen to park an suv or van and sit in the back listening to tunes and watch the comings and goings isn't costing money. Catching the guy is motivation but add the reward to that and helps motivate a bit more.

  11. Wait a second – aren't you the same d-bag who on another thread is whining about the police over reacting while taking an armed suspect into custody? Now you're saying they're not reacting enough? Make up your mind already. Better yet, since you're clearly an expert in police work why don't you man up, grow a pair and become a cop. I'm sure the city could benefit from your vast expertise!

    BTW, the police at the funeral home are off duty – at least that's how it is in other cities where I've attended cop and fire fighter funerals. What they do on their own time is none of your damn business you insensitive twit.

  12. How many buildings are there in the Greenwood area? Safe bet way more than there are cops.

    Also who will respond to all the domestic disturbance, traffic crash, suspicious activity, burglary, and other calls that come in on a regular basis? There's only so many cops to go around.

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