Blazing heat hits new record high temperature

4:30 p.m. The official high at Sea-Tac hit 95 degrees today, breaking the old record for the date of 92 degrees.

The weather service has issued an “excessive heat warning” through tomorrow, and the city is reminding everyone that they can run down to the local public library for air conditioning (during open hours.)

Lots of folks headed out to the park to keep cool, like parents and kids alike here at the Sound View wading pool in Crown Hill.

And here in the water fountains at Ballard Commons Park. Overnight lows are expected in the high 60s to low 70s, which means it’s going to be a toasty night. For more information on how to try to beat the heat, visit here, and if you have any helpful ideas of your own, please post them in comments below…

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17 thoughts to “Blazing heat hits new record high temperature”

  1. I'm enjoying some frozen Remlinger Farm raspberries with vanilla ice cream. I nuke the berries for a minute or two, then stir and add ice cream. Mmmmmm…

  2. Thanks for reminding everyone of the Chamber!

    Yet another “families and kids” post from MyBallard, while behind the scenes they're members of the group suing the city to stop the trail those families want!

  3. No story on MyBallard would be complete without unnecessary bashing of the homeless.

    It must make you feel like a man, stomping on those less fortunate. You are a typical Ballard a-hole.

  4. And while the Ballard Library has air conditioning, not all of the public libraries do. The Carnagies (University, West Seattle, Queen Anne, Columbia, Fremont, Green Lake) and Northeast do not have air conditioning.

  5. How does spending all your money on booze and cigarettes, not having to go to work and hanging out in a park all day make you 'less fortunate'?

    I've always dreamed of doing that but something keeps holding me back.

  6. I was loading bags of ice the whole weekend for an event on the ave and when I wasn't loading ice I was either at the library or the park getting wet.

  7. If that is your dream, then do it. Don't do the rest of us any favors and then act like some big martyr. You must be a sad and weak man to deny yourself what you really want because of what society may think. Life is too short for that. Go be a bum instead of hating the choices you make.

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